Greater Circle Living – Incentive Program

Rental Assistance Program
The GCL Rental Program provides one month’s rental payment up to $1,400 for employees who execute a one year lease to live in the GCL area in pre-approved rental units (Park Lane Villa meets the pre-approval rental unit eligibility requirement). This rental program is open to employees of Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Museum of Art.

The employee benefit may be considered taxable income by the IRS. EmployeeTahomas should consult a tax advisor, as well as their Human Resources/Benefits Office
Employee Requirements (for rental program only)
  • Employee must meet eligibility requirements (please see your employer’s website or contact your benefits/human resources department for a definition of an eligible employee). Each employer has different eligibility requirements.
  • Employee must provide a signed lease agreement.
  • Employee must receive a written commitment from FRDC before beginning occupying the rental property. Payment will NOT be made for renters that have occupied their units prior to the date on the letter of written approval.
  • Employee must occupy the rental property and it must be used as a primary residence.
  • Employee will NOT receive assistance if they have not obtained a written GCL commitment PRIOR to executing a lease agreement.
  • This program can only be used once. Employees cannot receive assistance more than once
  • The program can only be used by one family member per household.
  •  An employee is eligible to apply for the Home Purchase Program 12 months after they have received rental assistance
Rental Unit Eligibility Requirements – (Park Lane Villa meets the pre-approval rental unit eligibility requirement).
  • Rental unit must be located in the GCL Target Area and must be on list of approved rental units (See Map). (Please contact GCL administrator for details on approved rental units).
  • Rental unit must meet City of Cleveland Building Code Standards.
  • Employee must provide proof of an executed rental contract and payment of first month’s rent and security deposit.
Employee Application Process
Step 1:
Determine Eligibility via Employer website or employer HR/Benefits Department. 
Step 2:
Complete Inquiry Form
1.    Click here to complete and email a form online 
2.    Click here to download a form to complete and send by U.S. mail.
Step 3:
Apply for Rental Program.
Step 4:
Receive a Commitment for Rental Payment.
Step 5:
Execute a Lease with Landlord.
Step 6:
Provide necessary documentation including lease and payment of first month rent & security deposit.
 Step 7:
GCL Rental Payment made to owner/management company of Rental Unit.